There is a little game that producers are playing at Hollywood. They take a comic book, and pretend to inject diversity by changing the skin color of some characters. 

I say that's just not respectful of the base material. 

And don't get me wrong, it works in both ways. Because their main defense is to call racists those who want them to respect the book. But we say the exact same thing when they turn non-white characters into white people. 


I'm all for more diversity of ethnicity in movies, and comics books. But my point is there are in the comics books characters of many ethnicity, why not used those ? Or create new ones ? 

Why just disrespect, change established and successful characters ?



You'll notice that they change only turn ethnics secondary characters, or bad guys, but the leads, the heroes, them, they mostly turn them white.


It is just the proof that they don't give a fuck about the base material, they, in fact, despised it, and consider themselves more clever and brilliant than the author of a very long successful book.

I want diversity of ethnicity and sexuality in movies. I want them to play heroes as well as bad guys. 

But I do want to respect of the base material, and I don't see no problem here.